Step 1:

Our team will visually inspect your site for the possibility of mold contamination.

Step 2:

If visual evidence of mold is found, samples will be taken and sent to a certified lab for scientific identification.

Step 3:

If the lab confirms a problem our team will safely and properly clean and treat all affected areas.

The Mold Hunter Inc. is devoted to helping you see and understand what is happening in your indoor environment. Click More Info for an in depth video interview with The Mold Hunter.
The Mold Hunter, Inc is certified by the IICRC, ESO, MICRO, and IOT to perform both mold inspections and mold remediation.

After a home inspection, are you unsure of what to tell your customers to do about the microbial growth or mold that you observed during your inspection?

We specialize in mold inspections, remediation and abatement and in the Charlotte NC region and have the expertise, equipment and training to make your customers home a safe environment in regards to mold growth.